5 Signs you Need A Break From Instagram

Instagram can be an amazing app – connecting with friends, making new friends, finding a community you belong to, creating a community like I did with Black Creatives Club. As a Content Creator I often can find this app frustrating, feeling like my posts are not being shown to all my followers, hashtags not working, my account not growing and losing followers – the list can go on and on.

I recently took a little break from Instagram and I didn’t realise how important it is to be offline for a while, important for my mental wellbeing spending time to myself; so here is a list of signs that you need to take a little break from Instagram.

You’re Caught Up In The Stats

I admit it can be very easy to get caught up in the stats, constantly watching your followers go up and down, how many likes you’re getting on each post, how many views your reels have got. I’ve fallen into this many times and this is the reason for my recent break away from Instagram. Taking a break can make you remember the reason why you create content – for me obsessing over the stats is not the reason, but helping and inspiring at least one person is my reason.

You’re Constantly Comparing

You find yourself looking at other people’s account and comparing to yours; looking at their posts and comparing what they’ve posted to your life. You have to remember that the majority of people only post the best, happiest moments of their lives – Instagram is the Highlight Reel of Life. Everyone has ups and downs and Instagram only shows the ups, please don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.

Your Routine Is “Wake Up, Scroll. Sit Down, Scroll.”

You are always online, from the moment you wake to when you sleep you spend a lot of your day scrolling on Instagram. I’m guilty of being in the habit of opening up Instagram when I wake up and naturally many times throughout the day. Realising how easy and quickly I click on the app and spend a lot of time scrolling and liking, cutting down and going offline lets me have more time to myself.

You’ve Lost Your Joy – Not Having Fun

Creating content, sharing and connecting with others should be fun but if you’re finding it hard to enjoy being on the app, take a break for your mental wellbeing. If you’re finding your mood more negative than positive, take some time away to figure out why you’re not enjoying Instagram.

You’re Not Seeing The Good In Anything

You’re seeing other people’s posts and it brings negative thoughts, jealousy within you; for example someone you follow has posted a holiday pic and your thoughts are those of dislike and jealousy. Or you see someone’s new post working with brand for example and you’re not happy for them but jealous of all the likes and comments – it’s time to reflect on your experience on social media and why you’re feeling like this.

Sometimes just taking a little break when you start relating to these signs can be so important for your mental wellbeing – Instagram can wait and it’s not more important than taking care of yourself.

Take Care!

Thank you for reading!



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