Let’s Couple Up: 6 Things We Can Learn From Love Island 2019

Hey loves! Now that Love Island is over for another summer, I thought this post can temporarily fill the void in our lives as I reflect on what we can learn from this series and apply in our own relationships.

1.”Men are trash!”

They most certainly can be heartbreakers that can destroy your lives. How many times have we seen them claim that they are 100% into the girls they are coupled up with and within the episode their heads have turned and there were suddenly 1000+ things wrong with their relationship. This is no different to how some men can be in reality, telling you one thing one minute, and another thing the next minute. One thing to note is that the girls on this season didn’t take this shit and stood their ground and stuck up for their friends too.

2. Wait for your “Greg”/”Tommy”/”Ovie”, Whatever your type is!

Yes some men can be trash but the vast majority will be the ones that’ll love deeply, be protective and make it their mission to bring your life happiness. Wait for these sweet gems of men kind and don’t settle for anything but the best. After past relationships I found it hard to think that guys like this exist but after meeting my boyfriend he’s 100% changed my mind on this.

3. Voicing your opinions and showing your feelings doesn’t make you childish

Don’t feel like you have to hold in your emotions or bite your tongue on sharing how you feel because you’re worried about other people thinking you’re silly or an emotional child. Holding in your emotions can be so unhealthy, communicating with your loved one and friends is so important.

4. “It is what it is”

One of my fav quotes from this series because it honestly it what it is, don’t dwell on thing and events and opinions that are out of your control. You really can’t please everyone in life, not everyone is going to like you and that’s perfectly okay. Honestly this is something I’ve had to tell myself a lot, growing up I always cared about what other people thought of me, if they liked me. There is so much happiness in really not caring and just doing what makes you smile.

5. It’s okay to not be “fun”/'”exciting” all the time

One of the moments that made me rage was hearing one of Jordan’s excuses as to why he wasn’t into Anna was that she’s been down and not as exciting. You are allowed to have down days! You are allowed to be emotional and not be 100% happy all the time. It’s not realistic to believe that your partner will be in a happy, energetic state all the time. Relationships do have their ups and downs, times when you’re out doing exciting things, times when you’re just chilling, relaxing and enjoying each other’s companies.

6. Maybe he’s just not that into you

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that Curtis continually used the adjectives ‘amazing’ and ‘talented’ to describe Amy but would call other girls like Maura ‘beautiful’. It’s a small thing but it matters, it just clearly shows that he wasn’t into Amy romantically. I personally wouldn’t be happy at the recouplings listening to the sweet speeches the other guys were giving and then hearing the guy that I like calling me talented. The little things matter and can show you how much he’s into you.

Thank you reading! Let me know who your faves were this season and which couples you think will last!



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