Life Update | Turning 23


This is a very very belated birthday post and celebratory post of this blog turning 3 last month! Thank you all for my birthday messages a couple weeks ago – I feel so grateful for all the love!

I’ve been so offline on here for a couple months, I’ve just noticed that I haven’t written a post since March! Honestly I just lost motivation to write for a while, I got caught up in all things with work and all sorts and I just needed more time offline. I’ve pretty much spent a lot of this year offline and sometimes it’s just so needed – check out my previous post on 5 Signs You Need a Break From Instagram.

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time stressing on what I should be doing in my life since turning 23 – trying to figure out what I should be doing career wise, trying to find time to create content and blog more. But in doing that, being so stressed out I found myself comparing to other bloggers and content creators and focusing too much on my follower numbers and views and I decided “nah this isn’t good” and just turned everything off!

Now I’m back! I’ve got so much birthday content to share and I’ve got posts planned for here, Instagram, Pinterest and getting back into creating TikToks. I had the best birthday week, drinking up cocktails all over London, thank you to those who made it really special for me!

Dress: Oh Polly | Shoes: Malone Souliers

Thank you for reading!



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