Rome Travel Diary

Hiya! I’m currently reminiscing on my recent trip to Rome with my boyfriend, missing every moment. It was such a cute trip, full of romance and seeing the beautiful sights of Rome. Thought it would be nice to do a post giving details of what we did on the trip, which should be helpful to those planning a trip to Rome.

Day 1

Our day started super early, leaving at 6 am to avoid the mad rush at the airport. After checking in, we had loads of time to eat breakfast and go around the tax-free stores. As tempting as it was to purchase things, I thought I wouldn’t have any space for it – planning ahead for all the shopping that I’d do in Rome!

I’m not fond of heights at all, so flying makes me anxious and sitting next to the window seeing how high I was going didn’t help! But having someone next to me with a hand to squeeze tight helped, not sure he liked it so much.

When we landed, the train into the city was so quick and easy and cheap. I would highly recommend attempting to use local transport rather than Uber or taxi rides as they can be unnecessarily expensive. From the station we walked about 30 minutes through the city to our Hotel, Hotel Isa. On the walk we unintentionally went to the Spanish Steps which was unexpectedly so close to our hotel. It was beautiful, but so so busy so I didn’t take any pictures to share!

Being exhausted from all the travelling and walking we were so hungry but some of the restaurants around us were closed and didn’t open until the dinner service at 7. So we snacked on cookies for the majority of the evening, until this steak restaurant opened and the wait was worth it!

Top tip of the day: Check restaurant around your location and google their openings, don’t be like us and get disappointed and stay hungry for hours!

Day 2

This day was totally jammed with sightseeing! We woke up early to go to the Vatican, being religious this was one of the places that I wanted to go to the most and it really lived up to my expectations and more. Even if you aren’t religious you will be honestly in awe of the beauty of this place. We walked around looking at everything that was around, with our eyes open wide, and still missed all the little details that were there. There was just sooo much to see!


After a quick break to fill up with pasta and pizza, we headed to the Pantheon, an ancient Roman temple which is now a church. We ended the day making wishes in the Trevi Fountain and nearly getting scammed by street sellers. That is one thing to definitely look out for, people will offer to take your pictures but will ask for a charge. We were both on edge when a guy offered to take a picture of my boyfriend and I on my phone. All I was thinking was how fast I could run after him if he took my phone! Which kinda ruined the experience of trying to relax in a beautiful place.

Top tip of the day: Get tickets for the Vatican in advance, you can skip the queues and you can get a better price online.

Day 3

On our final day in Rome, we headed to the Colosseum and had a long walk up Palatine Hill which was so worth it, the view was amazing! Unfortunately, there were building works being done around and inside the Colosseum so we didn’t get a view of everything. Plus it was also super busy, even though we got there early it was filled with tourists and street sellers. My boyfriend nearly got scammed with these people giving out free bracelets, but I’d seen online that the street sellers will give you a free bracelet and then demand payments. So I was like no no no let’s go, give the bracelet back! Please be wary of these sellers, they will target people at major tourist attractions.

After filling up yet again on pasta and pizza, we wandered and got lost down the Italian streets we found such cute gift shops and loads of ice cream stores and decided to go into Venchi. Best ice cream and chocolate ever! Really craving it now, might check their website to see how much their shipping is! We walked through Piazza Navona and then up to Villa Borghese a massive beautiful park for a little while.

Top tip of the day: Be wary of street sellers, there are a lot of people around the tourist attractions that may try to scam you.

Took so many pictures on this trip, I can not describe how beautiful this city is, have a look on my Instagram stories under the ‘Travel’ highlight and posts – Here.

I’m also thinking of more posts about Rome that I should finish soon.

Thank you so much for reading!


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