London Instagrammable Restaurants: STK

Hey! This is the first blog post since my blog has turned 1 years old and I was planning on doing a post on how the first year of blogging has been for me and sharing what I’ve learnt. I’ve been super busy since my 21st birthday which I spent in Paris, a surprise trip from my boyfriend and I’ll have some blog posts coming up soon. The posts will be about our time in Paris, some advice on where to go and what to expect and avoid on your future trips, similar to ones that I did about our trip to Rome – Ultimate Rome Travel Guide and Rome Travel Diary.

To celebrate my 21st birthday with my girls we went to STK, Strand and I would definitely recommend this place for a group dinner. As a little side note, make sure that if you are group dining that everyone is on time to the reservation. Both times that I’ve been to STK they refused to seat us at the table until every person has arrived; not that I minded much as I made my way to the cocktail bar whilst I waited and was satisfied!


The pictures of the food don’t do it justice, in the pictures the food looks good but it’s even better than you expect it to be. For starters we had the ‘Lil Brgs’ which are two little beef burgers; I underestimated how small they were and tried to eat it all in one bite and terribly failed! For the main course, they offer a variation of steaks (I ordered the New York Strip) and I was tempted by the fish and chicken options. The side of mac and cheese is also a highlight of the night, it’s under the sides on the menu with the french fries but the portion size is big like a main dish, which isn’t a complaint just a happy observation!

For my fellow budgeters and those who love a good deal, make sure you ask for the set menu. You can get a choice of starters, mains and a dessert for £30; a super good deal considering how expensive London dinners can be!


Thank you all for the sweet birthday messages! I honestly had the best birthday and of course the birthday celebrations continue and will be dragged out for as long as possible!

Dress: Here (Click here to see how I’ve styled it previously – A Day Out of London) | Wedges: Saint Laurent

Thank you for reading!



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