A Day Out of London

As much as I love London it’s so nice to have a little road trip with my boyfriend out of the city to Bewl Water, a reservoir between Kent and Sussex. It has amazing picturesque walking/cycling paths and little side paths into the woods inviting you to explore the area even further.



We decided not to go cycling, mainly my choice because I felt I wasn’t going to be comfortable in the dress I was wearing, but will do the next time we go. I’ll plan my outfit a little better for cycling haha!



Instead we spent our time admiring the view, walking in the woods and stopping to play a game of football. A game I would like to say I won however my sporting abilities do not match my self confidence and my fighting talk!



The day to me was just perfect, filled with relaxation and deep conversations particularly about our future plans. We don’t always have days like this together due to our conflicting work schedules and every single minute is always appreciated and loved. Being around one person and only them in a car can really bring you closer as a couple; noticing their little habits, learning new things about each other and hearing them sing along to the radio.

I’m really looking forward for more cute days together!



Dress: Sparkle & Fade – Here | Jacket: French Connection| Trainers: Converse

Thank you for reading!



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