Tv Series I’ve been Watching In This Lockdown

Hello! With all this extra time at home (and nothing else to do!), I’ve had loads of time to binge on TV Series that I didn’t have time to watch before and all the new series and seasons being released. If you’ve run out of things to watch, have a look at my list to see what you can add to your watchlist!


I had been waiting for this to come out on Disney+ and it has NOT disappointed – it fully deserves all the high ratings and praise it has got so far. Every episode trends for days after on twitter and it’s really hard to avoid any spoilers. If you haven’t started this yet or don’t understand what it’s about, here is a little explanation without any spoilers; Wanda (Scarlett Witch) and Vision are living their dream married life but it’s not as it seems, things are not adding up – main example we watched Vision die in Infinity War so how is he here???

The Crown

I actually started this ages ago and got distracted and forgot about it! (I do this a lot!) So I decided to start it again and I’m currently on season 3 – I’m all for historical dramas and finding out more information about events that I know about. I’m excited to get into season 4 when it introduces Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher (I loved Gillian in Sex Education!). One thing about it is that I know its a drama not an autobiography – so it’s not truly accurate and dramatised – I want to know the truth! I want to know how Princess Diana was treated by the royal family, how the Queen really reacted to events.

It’s a Sin

I haven’t stopped talking about this show since I finished watching it and I don’t think I will ever stop recommending it! The show is set in the 80s and shows the life of five friends in London and the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how it changed their lives. Before watching this I knew a little about HIV and AIDS from learning about it in Biology, and then I watched Pose (another show I recommend watching) – but I didn’t know much about how it was in the UK. This show completely opened my eyes! The show made me laugh, kept me on the edge of my seat, made me cry my eyes out. The series shows how badly LGBT+ community was treated and the word ‘badly’ is just describes the tip of the ice berg – the treatment was disgusting. They had little to no help, catching HIV was a death sentence, they were completely shunned away from society and left to die alone. This show to me is an essential important watch. (maybe not with your parents in the room – the sex scenes are very steamy!)

Selling Sunset

I love watching some light reality tv and this is a show that was trending throughout the first lockdown and I’m a little late jumping on the trend but I’m glad I finally did. The houses shown on this show are absolute goals – like seriously I want a house in L.A. Now you know I love a bit of drama, the arguments, the tension in the work place (it’ll just make you say “oooo love the drama!”).

Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer

Don’t watch this show at night – you will dream about it, you’ll look the chair you pile clothes differently in the middle of the night. This is a documentary interviewing the detectives on the Night Stalker case and how they found the man behind multiple sexual assaults and murders in the mid 80s in L.A. I watched this with my boyfriend, Connor, and got hooked wanting to find out how they finally caught him. No spoilers on how they finally got him but the whole process of it was frustrating they had so many missed opportunities that was out of the detectives control – you could just feel how angry they were to keep missing catching him.


I’ve just finished this after much persuasion for me to watch this, again I’m late to the trend! I did enjoy this – I know it’s based on a book series so I’m assuming that possibly a lot about the other characters was left out. Even though I loved the Duke and Daphne story and watching them fall in love, I wanted to see more of the other characters. I loved the friendship between Penelope and Eloise and Eloise’s excitement to find out Lady Whistledown’s identity. I had multiple guesses on who it was and totally surprised at the reveal! Again another show not to watch with your parents, the sex scenes are very steamy. Before I started watching a friend sent me a message as a trigger warning for episode six which includes a rape scene that Netflix does not warn for – I’m not sure why they do not include a trigger warning but I thought it would be best to include this in my review.

Married at First Sight Australia

This show is mad! Basically the singles get set up by dating professionals and don’t meet until they walk up the aisle, then throughout the experiment they can decide if they want to stay in the relationship or leave however they can only leave if both people in the relationship want to leave. So some couples have to stay together even though one of them wants to leave – super awkward! Of course there is drama – there is no way suddenly living with someone you’ve just met is easy and also trying to start and make a relationship work.

What TV Shows have you been watching this lockdown?

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