Winter Wonderland

Christmas is my favourite season and Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London did not disappoint! This was the second year that I’ve been with my boyfriend and we went with the intentions to try new activities there and enjoy our little Christmassy Day together.

This was our first year going on the big wheel there, I normally avoid high rides because I hate heights but I thought I’d try it out. My thinking was that its a slow ride I’ll most probably be okay! When we got inside the carriage, I could feel my anxiety rising – my palms were getting sweaty and I was holding onto my boyfriend’s hand so tight. Half of me at this point was regretting suggesting we should go up, I could feel the carriage slightly moving in the wind – it was honestly freaking me out! Once I relaxed a little and the wheel went around for the second time, I started to enjoy myself and we took some cute pictures of me actually smiling and not freaking out.


Of course we had to go into the Bavarian Village and enjoy all the food that was on offer. We had a fun time wandering around playing the games at the stalls, spending most of our money trying to win a big Pokémon plush toy. To cheer us up from not winning a big toy we went on the bumper cars and I was going around, spinning the wheel around like crazy. 

Merry Christmas from me to my lovely readers, hope you have an amazing holiday!

Thank you for reading!




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