8 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Merry Christmas lovelies! I thought I’d do a post on gift ideas for boyfriends, I know that sometimes it is really hard to think of gifts for guys, sometimes they may not tell you exactly what they want as a gift. As it’s getting a little closer to Christmas, I’ve got a list of little gifts that can perfectly accompany any other gifts or in case you haven’t got a gift yet, these ideas will be perfect to get just in time. This list is mainly based on gifts that I’ve got for my boyfriend and I’ve also added some recommended links that should help you with some ideas!


Getting a cute gift of a photo with the two of you will definitely put a smile on his face. Just having a reminder of the happy memory will be perfect if they are the sentimental type. Perhaps a photo album of your 2018 as a couple, including all the dates, adventures and highlights you’ve had in the year. As an anniversary gift, I made a photo album with all of our best moments for my boyfriend, all of the cute and funny pictures and snapchat screenshots that I had. It took a little while to make it on PhotoBox and get all the pictures together but it was so worth it, just looking through the pictures was like falling in love with each other all over again.


A Watch

This was what I got my boyfriend for our first Christmas together from The 5Th and he loved it. We’d only been together for a couple months at that time and I wanted to get him something that he would use and so he’d never be late to our dates! I was so impressed with the quality of the Broadway model that I got a matching pink version for myself. #ChristmasCoupleGoals!

The 5TH

Pop Figures

Now this is something that my boyfriend is completely obsessing over, he has so many and no place to keep them all and still asks for more! There are various models of characters from movies, TV shows, games and celebrities. I’ve got my boyfriend a couple of these figures this year and my brother has started to ask for some of the Avenger characters too. You will definitely find their favourite character either in stores like HMV or online.


Wallet / Other Accessories

With all the Christmas sales starting, now is the perfect time to look at the men’s accessories for the deals! Wallets or card holders are always a good and easy choice for gifts. For this cold winter accessories, like scarfs and hats, are ideal for staying warm on your Christmas dates.

Selfridges Men’s Accessories


For the travel lovers there are some world map posters that you can scratch off where you have been or highlight where you want to go next. There are other kinds of scratch-off posters for differing interests other than travel. My boyfriend loves music so I found a poster that included the top 100 albums of all time and once you’ve heard the album you can scratch it off and it reveals an illustration of the album cover. There are other poster options that I found by the same brand like top 100 books or movies or Kama Sutra positions, for when you’re in the mood!

100 Albums


As mentioned my boyfriend loves music, he has a massive vinyl collection from Fleetwood Mac to Stevie Wonder to his newest addition of Astroworld by Travis Scott. If you’re looking for good quality music definitely invest in a Vinyl record player.

HMN Vinyls


The Christmas sales for shoes have also started too, this could be the perfect opportunity to grab the designer shoes he has been admiring. This can be a great gift for someone but only if you know their size, I work in the shoes department and I can not begin to explain how many people think they know their partner’s size but actually don’t and come back for a refund. Save yourself the hassle and just ask for their size! But even then sizes can vary between different brands and styles of shoes so make sure to keep the receipt.

Kurt Geiger 


If your boyfriend loves reading then extending their book collection is a really simple and good idea. Maybe there is another book that his favourite author has released or a similar book to the one he’s currently reading that you could get. Also getting little things like bookmarks or reading lights would be the ideal addition to the gift. 

Waterstones Book Accessories

With Christmas being less than a week away, hopefully this list has given you some ideas for some last minute gifts for boyfriends and can also be used for other men in your life. Just to mention that this is not a sponsored post, the links are just to brands that I got my boyfriend’s gifts from and I personally loved them.

Thank you for reading! Please comment any other gift ideas I may have missed out.

Merry Christmas!



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