Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas! Hope you are enjoying the Christmas period, spreading love and cheer! I know I’ve struggled a little bit this year in terms of what to get people and have just asked people straight up what they actually want for Christmas (no surprises here!). So doing a Secret Santa at work has been quite hard because for obvious reasons I can’t ask the person what they want. If you’re like me and have left some gifts a little late to get or think about, I thought I’d make a little list of some Secret Santa gift ideas.

Gifts Under £10

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much there are loads of gifts that are under £10 online on Asos. If you’ve picked out a beauty lover, there are cute mini make up sets like this one from Clarins and No7 that may interest you. Posters like this one will be perfect for the ones who are planning travel adventures in 2020. Also in budget are some books on Asos; Pocket Kardashian Wisdom and Calm Colouring, for those who enjoy to relax and love the Kardashians.

Gifts for People You Don’t Like

Maybe your manager, the ones that secretly steal your food in the staff room fridge…the list can go on! Somehow, even though you were wishing that you didn’t get them in the Secret Santa, you did and now you have to be nice to them. Possibly something simple like Christmas Socks and Mugs, or a mug like this one if you want to send a message – Cactus Mug.

Gifts for Your Work Crush

Did you pick someone special that you’ve had your eyes on for a while and want to give them a flirty gift. Found these Date Dice, a sweet additional way to ask them out on a date and a Heat Changing mug that can display a secret loveee message.

Gifts for After Work Use

I found the perfect little gifts for your after work drinking buddies, Drinking Dice (so you can decide quickly on what to drink) and Cocktail Making Book. On Asos (again), Coconut Lane have some Passion Fruit Martini print gifts – Notebook and Card Holder; a really cute print featuring one of my favourite cocktails, of course these gifts had to make the list.

Want to Splurge the Cash for Your Faves?

If you’re willing to spend a little more than £10, sites like Not On The High Street have super sweet gifts that you can personalise; Notebooks, Travel Mugs and Card Holders. If you’re looking for bigger make up sets than the ones I mentioned in the Gifs Under £10 section have a look at Morphe and their ‘Christmassy’ eyeshadow palettes. I’ve also found that Liberty London have some amazing beauty sets from Herbivore, Kiehl’s and Laura Mercier, that I’d definitely love to use myself (major hint!).


Image 18-12-2019 at 21.15 2

If you’re looking for more last minute gift ideas for your boyfriend or the men in your life, have a look at my post from last year – here!

*Disclaimer – None of the links are adverts, just wanting to share where I’m getting my gifts from!

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!




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