Ultimate Bath Travel Guide

My little trip to Bath, England was to celebrate being with my boyfriend for 2 years and we chose to go here to get out of London and relax. Every trip that we’ve had this year (Rome and Paris) has been amazing but also quite tiring because we wanted to see everything. So with this trip we planned to spend some days completely relaxing.

Where We Stayed

We booked to stay at the Apex Hotel, at the time we booked there was an offer for money off the stay with breakfast included (Always keep an eye out for deals for everything!). The hotel has a great location, really easy to get to from the train and coach station. The stay was amazing I think I’ll do a separate post with details and more pictures from the hotel.

Where to Go

  • The Roman Baths – It’s surprising how well preserved the baths are, with the stimulation of how the sections of the baths were used and the audioguide you can understand the history of the building so much easier. The water in the great bath isn’t treated so you’re not allowed to touch it but they do have a station where you can drink the drinkable spa water. I tried it just for the experience of it – it was horrible, warm and salty! But I can now say that I have tried the water in the Roman Baths.
  • Thermae Bath Spa – I can not put into words how amazing this place is, I highly recommend going here if you’re heading to Bath and looking to relax. Relaxation was the aim of this little trip for us, so we booked for a couples traditional massage and 4 hours access to the spa including lunch. In the spa, there’s a wellness suite with steam rooms and ice chambers (if you’re brave enough to face the cold), a rooftop pool and indoor hot pool. Phones are banned so I couldn’t take any pictures of the place – see their website to see what it looks like.
  • Vinyl Stores – For music lovers, like my boyfriend, you’d love the Resolution Records store. Some of the Vinyls were a lot cheaper than the prices we’d seen before and some were ones that we’d been looking for and couldn’t find for ages.
  • The Royal Crescent – We took a cute walk down from the Roman Baths to the Royal Crescent, we decided to go because it was on a lot of the Bath souvenirs and that made us intrigued. If you’re interested in architecture or like posing in front of pretty houses than this is the place for you.
  • Christmas Shops – I know that Bath host an amazing Christmas market and we were too early for that. But we did get into the Christmas spirit a little by doing some early Christmas shopping in the Christmas stores that were open.
  • Bath Abbey – The beauty of this church speaks for itself, we didn’t have time to go in but we admired the view from the rooftop pool in the spa and from the Roman Baths.

Where to Eat

Arguably the most important part of the post! For our lunches we didn’t book anywhere fancy, we thought it would be better to put more effort into our dinners and spend more money then. For our first night we booked at The Herd, a Steak restaurant, the pictures above were taken there. I ordered the Grilled Sea Bass and my boyfriend ordered the Steak; it wasn’t too expensive the bill came to about £45 for the both of us including drinks (better than some London prices!).

For the second night we booked an Italian restaurant, Sotto Sotto. For starters we shared the ‘Bruschetta ai Gamberoni’ which was King Prawns with Chilli and Tuscan bread, absolutely delicious I kinda wish that we got separate portions! I then ordered the homemade Fettuccine Pasta and my boyfriend got the Salmon. The waiter that we had was so lovely, he asked what we were celebrating and at the end of the night brought us a little note saying ‘Happy Anniversary’ and we were kindly gifted a dessert.

For our last night we stayed in the hotel for dinner, heres a link to their restaurant, you don’t have to be staying at the hotel to reserve a table in the restaurant. For starters I ordered the Scallops and Smoked Bacon and my boyfriend got the Salt and Pepper Calamari, it was really delicious but the portion size was quite small for the price honestly. I then ordered a steak because I felt a little jealous the other night watching my boyfriend enjoy a good Steak all to himself!

Tips for Travelling to Bath

  1. When booking to travel to Bath, check the prices of the train tickets and coach tickets – From London the journey was roughly the same time for both methods of transportation but the prices were very different. It would have cost us £70 to go by train when we wanted to go but by coach it was £20 for the both of us.
  2. Pack some comfortable shoes, its a little city so its possible to walk everywhere – I wish I took my own advice, of course I packed heels and heeled boots and expected to walk easily on cobblestones!
  3. Book tickets for the Roman Baths in advance, it actually works out a little bit cheaper by booking it online.


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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Bath Travel Guide

  1. Aww what a lovely anniversary trip! I grew up near Bath, it’s such a beautiful city. I love popping into the shop Wild with the unicorn bench, there are so many amazingly unique stores! All the food looks amazing too and how cute that they gifted you a dessert, that’s so nice! 😊

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    1. Ahh I agree totally it’s such a beautiful city! Yes, that was something I noticed all the stores were so unique, we spent a lot of our days in the markets. The food was delicious and the generosity of the staff was such a nice surprise!

      Liked by 1 person

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