The Real Guide: What To Do Now You’ve Graduated

Hey! First of all congrats on graduating!! All of your hard work and dedication has finally paid off! Sooo what should you do now? Whatever you want to do! I can say that I’ve certainly felt the pressure and anxiety from people asking me what I’m doing now that I’ve graduated; if I’m going to do a masters, if I’m looking for a job or taking a year out. Whatever you choose to do is your choice! I thought I’d do this blog post for those of you in the same position as me thinking of what to do next.

Relax and Detox

It’s now your time to relax, binge watch Netflix without feeling guilty that you have revision to do. I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my chest just being out of uni for a couple months already – I no longer have to priorities work, go to lectures at 9 in the morning and stay up late writing essays. It’s absolute bliss knowing that all my hard work got me a great degree and I can now relax.

This is the beginning of something new, get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore.  I personally like to keep the neat revision notes that I make, just because I put a lot of time and effort into them but the rushed lecture notes and revision cards can go. Flatmates that you know secretly ate your food or course mates you no longer want to be friends with, you’ll never have to see them again if you don’t want to so get rid of their numbers!

Apply for Jobs

It’s time to say goodbye to student loans and student discount! The high life we have been living as students is now over. For me this meant picking up more days at my part time job – not just to earn more money but honestly it was getting boring just staying at home all the time.

After brushing off my CV, I spent days applying for jobs I will most probably never hear back from most probably due to a ‘lack of experience’. BUT all is not lost there are jobs that actually want graduates, depending on what you’re looking to do there are graduate schemes that you can gain practical experience in your desired sector.

Travel the World

I’m most definitely looking forward to travelling when I don’t have to worry about finishing off my dissertation essay or missing some lectures. Treat yourself to time away and celebrate your successes.

I mentioned just before about applying for jobs and this can be something that can be done abroad as well. From when I was looking at job opportunities I saw quite a few volunteering in Asia for mental health support workers – that looked really interesting to apply for.

Get Another Degree Hotter

Before my undergraduate degree I always had it planned in my head that I would go straight on to do a Masters course. But life isn’t always like we plan it to be! As soon as I got to looking for what Master courses to apply for, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I’d much rather spend more time figuring out the best course for me than settling for just anything.

It’s Okay to Feel Anxious

Truthfully, I am feeling anxious about this next part of my life and it’s okay to feel this way. I’ve been in school since the age of 2, I don’t know anything else apart from being in education and working hard in school. The routine of my life is changing completely and it was freaking me out but since voicing it I’ve found that there are so many other people going through exactly the same feelings. With the help, support and advice of others it’s helped me enjoy my freedom out of school and given me the motivation in my job hunt.


Thank you for reading! What are your plans if you’ve recently just graduated?

If you’re just starting university – Firstly good luck and also check out my Guide on How to Survive University



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