Life Update | We Bought a House!

Hey! Hey!

The past few months have been the most stressful experience so I’ve been super quiet on socials, all I’ve been talking about is this house – but in the end all the stress paid off!! We got the house of our dreams, our little perfect space.

I will take all the credit in finding the house on Rightmove, just spent forever scrolling through saving all the ones we could afford and fantasising living in the houses we couldn’t! I ended up just getting all picky refusing to click any homes priced at less than a million and does not have a walk in closet, 5 bedrooms and en-suites!

When I finally got realistic, I found some houses in London but mainly in Kent that we could afford – being honest the houses in Kent were bigger but being in London was more practical for us. Just looking at the commute time from my work to the places in Kent we were looking at, the journey was predicted to be over 2 hours! This was not practical for me or Connor with the shift patterns we have and so we looked more at the houses in London.

When we found this house we booked in for a viewing for the next month, the estate agent called us the weekend before the viewing to ask if we were free to come in to view the house earlier than planned. Luckily we were free so we went and drove to the house. We literally fell in love before we even walked in – we actually had to have a little pep talk beforehand to try and not get our hopes up. When we came out of the viewing, the pep talk just went out the window – we just got so excited and knew that this was the house that we wanted.

The process of purchasing was honestly the most stressful process ever, the forms, the checks, the deadlines, the ever changing moving dates, the setbacks. It was all just so much, I was stressed everyday all I was talking about, thinking about was the house, constantly refreshing my emails. Thank you to all my family and friends who have been supporting us both throughout this process.

Once all of the furniture gets in and we get more settled in, I will do a house tour post!

Thank you for reading!



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