London Instagrammable Restaurants: Oxo Tower

Hey! I’m back with another restaurant review – this summer for me has been filled with just eating out (amazing for my social life not for the bank account!) I visited the Oxo Tower back in July for my birthday with my partner Connor for the second time, we’ve been there previously for my 21st birthday and it was amazing this time was no different.

For my cocktail lovers I highly recommend getting the Melba Daiquiri, it’s rum with peach and raspberry – so sweet! For the starters we ordered the Scallops, Ratatouille with a Parsley Crisp – part of me did order this because I’ve never tried Ratatouille before and I wanted to know what all the hype was about from the Disney movie!

For the mains I ordered the Roasted Turbot with Asparagus, Peas and Hollandaise Sauce and Connor ordered the Beef Fillet, Truffle Gnocchi and crushed Peas. I’ve never had Turbot before and it was so much better than I even expected with the sauce and the veggies. Click here to see the full menu and see what you would order – Here. For dessert, they brought out the ice cream I ordered and surprised me with a plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate on it with a little candle.

Dress: Missguided | Heels: Neous

I absolutely loved the view from the outdoor seating, just eating amazing food, drinking cocktails and watching the sun set. And of course I had to do a quick photoshoot in the ladies room! I was actually really lucky with this one, I got it in one shot as the door was opening! Have a look on my instagram for the reel I created for this night – Here.

Had an amazing birthday dinner and I’ll definitely be back probably for another birthday – starting a new tradition here. Also I can’t believe it’s September and I’m still posting about my birthday! I’m done with all the birthday content and I’ll be back with some new posts soon and new life updates from the summer.

Thank you for reading!



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