Apps That Every Influencer / Bloggers Needs

Hello all! Sorry that I have not been so active on my blog – I’m trying to find the balance of newly working full time and still finding the time to sit and blog. Any tips on how to actually be productive on my days off will be appreciated!

In this post I’m going to share the apps I use to edit my photos – I posted this a reel on Instagram and it did quite well so I thought that I’d expand on the topic.

Adobe Lightroom

This is the first app I use, mainly on my laptop but I also have it on my phone if I quickly edit on the go. I always use presets to quickly edit my photos – presets are basically pre-saved edits and settings that you can apply to your photos in one click. So instead of having the remember time and time again how you edit your photos it will automatically apply it. You could create different presets to enhance different colours, not all presets will suit every photo so its always worth playing around with Lightroom and finding what works!

This is my Blue/Green preset that makes photos more vibrant and enhances the blues and greens – I love experimenting and creating new presets, if you’d like to try mine I’d love to share and if you have any questions about making a preset I’d be happy to help – I’m not an expert but I’ll always try my best!


My go to app to edit my videos! You can use it when creating your reels/TikTok videos – it’s great to create smooth transitions, trimming down videos, add text and voice overs.


This is one of my favourite app to use to create collages for my feed or for my stories! It’s super easy to use, the free options of the templates are really good – I didn’t pay for the extra templates, they are also nice but I’m quite contempt with the free options. They have so many options for collage styles; you can star your favourites that you can then refer back to quickly.


This is an app that you can take photos with or import photos that you have previously taken and apply this vintage 90s style filter to. You have the option of adding a date (current or ’98) and adding random light effects. When I use the random light effect option, I normally click to edit the same photo a couple times and then pick my favourite light effect depending on how it looks on the photo.


Another app that’s great for collages and story editing, this can completely upgrade your stories! There are different collections to create collages depending on the style you like; classic (simple collages and you can add text), scrapbook, moodboard, film. Some of the collections are only available with the premium Unfold+ subscription or a one time payment – I chose to pick and choose which collections I like and do the one time payment for them. Also in the app you can edit your photos and videos, add filters, effects (like glitter, astro and VHS) and adjust the photo in terms of brightness, contrast etc.


For those who love to be creative – this is an app for you! You can add stickers and filters – on the homepage you can see some inspiration for the edits that you can create. Once you click on the one you like you can follow the steps and create something similar with your own photos. You can take part in challenges and find editing trends that are currently trending for you to try out.

RNI Films

Another app that I use for filters – this is one to use if you want to make a vintage style image! There are a good range and selection of free filters to choose from, you can add effects like grain, vignette, fade and dust.


A new app that I’ve discovered and absolutely love! There are options of the basic options that you can use and 100+ premium filters that you can get after subscription (I haven’t subscribed and just use the free options – but I am very tempted!). You can add light details, dust for the vintage look, dates and effects (rain, snow, 3D).

Adobe Photoshop

In my normal editing routine this is the second app that I use – after I Adobe Lightroom I export the image to Photoshop for my next step in editing. In a simple edit, I’ll normally just do a quick crop, clean up the background or add more vibrance to the image.

Sometimes I do like to get creative, like in this “Double Trouble” photo, and photoshop is great to create something different. There are so many tutorials online that you can follow and learn new skills. This photo was created by combining two photos together, using the eraser tool, clone stamp tool and spot healing tool to make the illusion that it was one photo and duplicating myself.

What are your favourite apps to use?

Thank you for reading!



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