7 Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Hello! I hope you guys are doing well under the Lockdown and now that we’re entering a time where the Lockdown is now easing. Even though Lockdown is easing my content will still be primarily created at home, in my room, for a while! As you’ve seen before, my normal content was outside, travelling and being in Lockdown I’ve had to get a little creative to make new content. I thought I’d share some ideas with you and my behind the scenes to my new shoot days!


1. Get All The Little Details

Forget about your background, get up close to the camera and show off the little details of your outfit, shoes or jewellery, for example. With close up shots your background won’t matter so you won’t have to worry about that.

2. Mirror Selfies

A classic simple idea! Make sure you’re in a good spot in terms of lighting and you’re good to go! If you have a tripod you could use that to create shots with you and the mirror, looking in the mirror creating a real “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” moment.

3. Bed Shots

Get your best bed sheets out, surround yourself with pillows or get creative with balloons for example. These photos above were taken in a hotel room in Rome, I wish my room had a massive mirror like that! I’ve just added these so you get the idea of taking pictures on your bed. BTS for this shot – I got these balloons from a store called Tiger for my Valentine’s Day inspired pictures. It took a couple tries to throw the balloon up and make it look effortless! But perseverance pays off – look at that perfect heart in the mirror!

4. Find a Plain Wall

Find a section in your room that has a plain/blank wall, like shown in the photo. BTS for this shot – I’m actually sitting on my bed frame where I’ve got a plain wall behind my bed, and I had my tripod on my bed and tried not to move too much and accidentally knock over my camera whilst I set up the self-timer!

5. Garden

If you are lucky to have a garden, take advantage of this and take some of your shots outdoors. You could set up with a tripod and a chair, or with a mirror or around some flowers. 

6. Flatlays

Flatlays are photos of an arrangement of whatever you want and however you want spread them around the flat surface. Such a perfect idea for indoor content, you can do this on the floor, on your bed, on a table. BTS for these shots – the first one with the Lounge Underwear and lipsticks, was taken on my bed for a Valentine’s Day inspired flatlay. The second one was taken on my floor with one of my summer dresses used for the background, featuring my Michael Kors bag, Malone Souliers sandals and Fenty Beauty products.

7. White Sheet Background

Hop on this trend! Grab yourself a white sheet or any colour sheet if you want to switch it up and you can create your own background. BTS for these shots – I put my white sheet over my full body mirror and put it next to my white wardrobe to get closer to my window so I could get some natural lighting. I didn’t have much space so I had my camera on my radiator (not on obviously!) and I was sitting on the floor but then realised I was too low so I had to get all my pillows to give me some height.

With creating content at home the key is to be creative – use what you have in your home, props, shadows, natural light. There are loads of ways to find inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

I’d love to see how you’ve been creative with your content at home!

Thank you for reading,



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