Tattu, Leeds – Restaurant Review

Hey! I was recently in Leeds to visit one of my closest friends, Aimee (my gorgeous bestie, my sister) for her belated birthday celebrations and as a treat I picked for us to go to Tattu. As I’m not from this city, I did search for a nice instagrammable restaurant to go to in Leeds and found Tattu, a modern Chinese restaurant.

When we arrived we were offered the opportunity sit at the bar until we were ready to go into the restaurant. The staff were so lovely; the waiter that we had was so understanding and patient with us when we were trying to comprehend what the food on the menu was. Here’s a link to the Menu.

We started our meal by sharing a Dim Sum, we ordered the Lobster and Prawn toast with Sweet and Sour Chilli sauce. I knew that Dim Sum meant ‘small plate’ but when it came I was shocked only seeing 4 balls of the toast, thinking that it wasn’t going to be enough for us to share. However I was pleasantly surprised at how filling and delicious it was. For our mains, I ordered the large plate of Balsamic Teriyaki Salmon with a Ginger and Cucumber Salad and Aimee ordered the Chicken Curry Clay Pot. To finish off the meal, we ordered the Asian Pear Sticky Toffee Pudding and the Dragon Egg Nest. The Dragon Egg Nest was a beautifully dished dessert and the flavours of the Mango, Pineapple and Lime worked so well together. I’d most definitely come back to this restaurant just for this dish!


In terms of pricing, our meal in total cost £80 and the two cocktails were £20. The food was most certainly worth the price, I’ve had meals in London cost way more and the quality is not even comparable. The Dim Sum dishes and desserts are around £8-10 each, the large dishes roughly £16-30 with the Japanese Black Wagyu Ribeye steak being the anomaly pricing at £80!


Felt like a Barbie doll in this light pink dress from Oh Polly! I know it’s getting a little cold out but it will not stop me from getting out my little dresses! Let me know what you think about this bright colour, I’m thinking of bringing more pink into my wardrobe.

Dress: Here | Heels: Gucci

Thank you for reading!



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