Little Walk Through Chinatown

If you like shellfish or a good burger or both then I highly recommend the restaurant Burger and Lobster. I’ve been there quite a few times and it hasn’t disappointed me yet, the food and the service at the Leicester Square branch was above and beyond my expectations from my previous visits. The staff were very accommodating especially towards my younger siblings with different dietary needs.



I attempted to take a nice picture of my meal and the full table but I was too hungry and excited to get started with the meal, all I got was a boomerang video on instagram. I always attempt to get a nice boomerang when I’m at restaurants. To see this one and the others have a look at my Instagram Highlights.



Had a fun little walk down Chinatown, talking to Pikachu and making my childhood dreams come true! I used to play all the Pokémon games on my pink Nintendo Game Boy and DS growing up!

Top: Pull & Bear | Jeans: Levi’s (721 High Rise Skinny Jeans) – Here| Trainers: Gucci (Ace Embroidered Sneaker) – Here

Thank you for reading!



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